Zara Tours is a local outfitter based in Moshi, Tanzania. Founded in 1987

by a Tanzanian woman Zainab Ansell. Zara Tours has evolved into Tanzania's

largest Kilimanjaro outfitter and one of the country's largest safari

operators, with daily departures up the Kilimanjaro Mountain with a choice

of six routes. We put more people on the Kilimanjaro summit than any other

company. In addition, weekly departures are available on seven group safari

itineraries through the wild areas and amazing bush lands. We have

friendly, experienced and professional officials for the safaris and our

standard properties such as two hotels, Springlands, in Kilimanjaro and Highview,

in Karatu-Ngorongoro, as well as our tented camps, Serengeti Wildcamp and

Ikoma Wild Camp These are all owned by Zara Tours.

We strive to give our clients safety and comfort foremost as we bring their

dreams to life and craft them into lifelong memories.

For more details you can go on our website .

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