Proud African Safaris, Tanzania's premier boutique safarioutfitter,

excels at private, customized, luxury Tanzanian safaris,because

that’s all we do. We know Tanzania’s beauty, culture, andwildlife

better than the others and we strive to make all of yourTanzanian

safari dreams come true.

Why Proud African Safaris?

At PAS, we pride ourselves on creating highlypersonalized and uniquely

memorable experiences for every individual. Privateť means

you’ll have exclusive access to a 4WD safari vehicle andthe private

services of an expert Naturalist guide, thus avoidingrestrictions

dictated by scheduled group tours. Ultimately, each dayyou decide how

long to game-drive and what animal encounters to pursue! Customť

means we’ll work with you to tailor an itinerary based onyour

interests and our expertise. In short, PAS delivers onespectacular

experience after another, exactly the way you want it.

The PAS Difference

Proud AfricanSafaris is a Tanzanian-owned and operated safari

company: This makes us experts on the local wildlife,various regions,

and its cultures. We know where to go, when to go, andhow to make your

safari experience the very best you can expect inTanzania.

We hire onlyexpert naturalist guides: We know asafari guide

can make or break your trip, and we believe your safariexperience

should be fun and educational. That’s why our company’s owner has

hand-selected Tanzania’s top-rated Naturalists for theirindividual

personalities as well as for their extensive bushknowledge. All of

our driver-guides have a minimum of 10-15 yearsexperience, and have

formerly performed in roles such as park rangers,biologists, and/or

conservationists in Tanzania’s National Parks. Click hereto learn

more about our Tanzanian guides.

We have a different philosophy than our competitors: We

subscribe to the road-less-travelledť philosophy. We will aim to

take you where there are fewer crowds and where there aremore

exclusive game-driving opportunities. Our guides don’trely on CB

radios to find out where everyone else is flocking to go see

animals. We rely on our years of experience andindividual skill sets, and we get it right.

We have anexclusive partnership with professional wildlife

photographer James Blue. Led by James and the expert PASNaturalist

guides, these exclusive small group photo safaristhroughout the

Serengeti ecosystem are tailored for photographerslooking to capture

high quality images of the Serengeti’s most alluringwildlife, landscapes and cultures.

We give youunlimited mileage for game-drives: While this may

not seem like a big deal, it really it - you will havetotal

flexibility to game-drive until your heart is content. That’swhat

you came for, and are paying for, after all. Unlike ourtour companies,

we don’t limit our clients to a few hours of game-drivingin the

morning and a few hours in the afternoon. We aren’ttrying to save on

fuel or vehicle wear-n-tear. You will have maximizedopportunities for

wildlife-viewing on your schedule.

We offer you thebest value to meet your expectations: We are

exclusively a luxury safari tour operator thatspecializes in private,

customized safaris. While we are not the least expensivesafari

outfitter we are also not the most expensive. Whencompared with other

safari tour operators in our class, you will find thatPAS offers an exceptional value.

Proud African Safaris, the premiere boutique TanzanianSafari

Specialists, can make your Tanzanian safari dreams cometrue by

creating a highly personalized and uniquely memorableexperience for

every traveler in your group. We work with you tocustomize an

unbeatable private, luxury, African safari based on yourinterests and

our expertise. We’ll be on-hand to personally assist youthroughout

the planning process and with every detail while onsafari. Whether you

are coming to see The Big 5, experience fascinatingcultures, or just

be witness to the primitive beauty of Africa, SeparateYourself with PAS.

Contact us today to begin planning your safari adventure.614-563-3579

or toll free in the USA at 888-629-6755.

P.O. BOX 2708, Moshono Area, Arusha

T: +255 0786 705530

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