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altRoika Tours and Safaris Ltd is located in Tanzania’s Northern Circuit City of Arusha from where we arrange unique and popular wildlife safaris to the 8th Wonder of the World and the cradle of humankind, the world’s only natural Zoo that is 2000 feet under the ground, the home of Tree Climbing Lions, the fascinating escarpment sites of the great Rift Valley and to the world’s renowned place for large herds of Elephants with over 500 species of birds an huge Baobab Trees.tarangirere

Each safari begins with Tarangire National Park which is famous for its large Elephant herds and Baobab Trees.  Next is Lake Manyara National Park that is known for its tree climbing Lions and the migratory flamingos that colourfully grace Lake Manyara besides the fascinating escarpment sites of the great Rift Valley.  From Manyara we 800px-Tree-climbing lionvisit the endless plains of Serengeti National Park that is home to the 8th Wonder of the World (The Annual Wilderbeest Migration) and the cradle of humankind (at the Olduvai Gorge).  The Safari climaxes before we return to Arusha with a Crater Tour in the Ngorongoro Crater that is 2000 feet under the ground and is famously known as the world’s only natural Zoo.alt

Roika Tours & Safaris Ltd boasts of over 10 years experience and has got the advantage of being locally owned whereby you are assured of in-depth knowledge about the habitats and the animals as well.  Moreover, we operate our own fleet of specially built landcruisers besides having our own accommodation properties in some parks and this therefore enables us to be realistically cost friendly and flexible whenever need arises.

With our programmes; most of what has ever been written about attractions in Tanzania’s Northern Tourist Circuit, attractions is guaranteed and this is blended with our MOTTO: Whereby our goal is not just about leisure but rather to provide our visitors with a unique opportunity to observe animals in their natural surroundings, spread knowledge about their behavior and biology especially to the researching visitor, and also compound this with up-to-date historical accounts.

The thrilling jolt of discovery, the shared smiles of amazement. Connecting with nature, with new cultures… and with a alttimeless part of yourself. Such experiences are not always common… but in Tanzania, they are as regular as the rising Serengeti sun.

But this is more than just Tanzania—it’s Roika’s Tanzania. It’s an experience unlike any other, where you are a VIP everywhere you go. It is a blend of excitement and elegance, a place of delightful surprises and uncommon luxury.

Whether you're looking for a classic safari, a private off-the-beaten path journey, or a personal exploration of Africa's tribal cultures and rituals, there is simply no experience like a Roika safari.

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