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We regret the inconvenience caused by the unfortunate events over the last days at all entry points of the Tanzania National Parks. The events were caused due to a unilateral decision by TANAPA to revise the concession fees and its payment modalities, which were not in accordance with existing written agreements between the various parties.
We as the Tourism Confederation Tanzania (TCT), the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and the Hotels Association of Tanzania (HAT) have made various appeals to the authorities during the past few weeks to prevent this crisis and have now initiated a dialogue with TANAPA (Tanzania National Parks) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to resolve the matter. We hope that further inconvenience to our guests can be avoided.
We want to thank everybody for their cooperation, patience and understanding during these very unfortunate events, which we trust will not reoccur. We are committed to the continued development of Tanzania as a quality tourism destination.

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- Press release - The Associationís position on the proposed† Serengeti Highway
†† Download - English Version
†† Download - Swahili Version

†- The Government's Position/Regulation on Yellow fever vaccination for the tourists/visitors coming to Tanzania
††† Download - in English
Assistance to those at Samunge for Treatment
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TATO has been approached by the Government to understand what we as an Association of operators are able and willing to provide either in expertise or services to those that have gone up to Samunge Village to seek treatment from Ambilikile Masapila.†† Follow discussions by the Council we feel that the following action by the TATO Secretariat is advisable on behalf of TATO members.


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